Haig grew up in Setauket, and got his first guitar soon after he heard the Beatles. He described it as a Sears no-name guitar with strings an inch off the fretboard. Over the years, Haig played in various bands on Long Island such as The Shutdowns, The Clansmen, The Serfs , The Otto & Horace Incident, The Christopher Snivley Cosby Blues Band, and Vertical Horizon. "We never really knew how good or bad we were, but we sure had fun." His major influences are the Beatles, Steely Dan, or anything "tasty". Besides his band work, Haig also performs as a solo artist, does some recording, and gigs with his "long-time music buddies".



Steve started playing guitar at the age of seven. He had his first paying gig when he was 14, playing guitar in a local production of "Guys & Dolls". By the time he turned 17, Steve was playing in several Long Island bands. He played for several years in clubs and bars on Long Island before putting the guitar away and switching to keyboard. After 5 years of playing keyboard he rediscovered his guitar and hasn't put it down since. Steve also teaches guitar, and is an accomplished fingerstyle player, also performing as a solo artist at wedding cocktail hours on Long Island.  He also is half of an instrumental fingerstyle and jazz acoustic guitar duo known as Long Island Acoustics.